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Once you begin the course, it will save your progress provided that you return to the course within 2 weeks and access it from the same device. It is recommended that you download the participant course checklist so that you can also keep track of your course progress offline:

Important note about certification

Once you have completed the online modules for Assessment in 21st Century Classrooms you will be eligible to apply for your certificate for 5 hours of online learning.

Some education departments and jurisdictions are able to provide teachers with certificates for more hours for completing this course, and teachers are advised to check with their employers whether they are able to claim for more hours via their state/jurisdiction.

Teachers who work for NSW and VIC education departments in particular may be eligible, and similarly teachers who work in schools in some Catholic Diocese may be able to claim for more hours. Note that you may need to notify your jurisdiction before starting the course in order to comply with their requirements.

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